These ovens can be used for drying hygroscopic materials, pre-heating materials (in order to reduce cycle times), curing resin tools prior to forming and heating flat sheet (and then manually drape forming over a jig). As standard, the ovens come with two heavy duty steel

The plastic sheet is placed on each shelf. It may be possible to put two sheets of plastic on each shelf, providing it is fairly thin. It features a digital temperature controller and an over temperature controller, as a safety backup feature.

Oven AX120 Downloads

Spec sheet Ovens US

Internal oven size
19.7" wide x 19.5" high x 20.5" deep 
External oven size
31.1" wide x 25.2" high x 26.2" deep 
Recommended for Formech vacuum forming machines
Volume of Air
128 litres 
Temperature range from room temperature
250°C - 482 F 
Machine weight
121.3 lbs 
13 amps- 2000 watts 
Packed weight including pallet
152.1 lbs 
6-8 weeks 

6 pack of additional shelves

  • Packed dimensions on pallet: 22" x 22" x 11.4"
  • Packed weight including pallet: 33.1 lbs.
  • Typical delivery time: 2-4 weeks.

Flat pack trolley

  • Packed dimensions on pallet: 38.6" x 30.7" x 24".
  • Packed weight including pallet: 127.9 lbs.
  • Typical delivery time: 4-5 weeks.

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